Blunt Wraps vs. Rolling Papers

Blunt Wraps vs. Rolling Papers

Blunt Wraps vs. Rolling Papers

Of all the ways to enjoy a pleasurable smoking experience, the two most popular ways to imbibe are undoubtedly blunt wraps and rolling papers. Both are great options but the two are wholly different where each situation you might find yourself in can call for either.

Smoking is a personal experience that can be enjoyed in various ways, from a solo stroll through nature to a social kickback with friends. Depending on your preference, the way in which you enjoy your smoking sesh can amplify the experience. In this article we will delve into the world of blunt wraps and compare them to traditional rolling papers do you can determine which option suits you best.

What is a Blunt Wrap?

A blunt wrap is a type of wrapping paper often made from whole leaf tobacco leaves used to roll loose leaf tobacco or any other leafy green you get your hands on. Back in the 1980s, blunt wraps were popular on the East Coast of the United States, where users hollowed out cigars and repacked the wraps with their favorite herb. And it wasn't until the early 1990s when blunts became mainstream culture as Redman dropped "How to Roll a Blunt"  as the holy grail of how a person can amplify their own smoking experience.

In this day and age, most blunt wraps are sold without tobacco and are often infused with a light flavor to help complement the smoking experience.

What are Rolling Papers?

Rolling papers are thin sheets of paper made from a wide variety of materials including wood pulp, rice, flax, and hemp. These papers can be universally used to smoke everything from tobacco to marijuana and can be flavored to amplify or complement the smoking experience.

Differences Between Blunts & Rolling Papers

Between Blunt Wraps and Rolling Papers, there are some fundamental differences between the two. The most prominent being blunt wraps are often made from tobacco where as rolling papers are types of wood pulp. Having blunt wraps derived from tobacco gives off a very distinct taste with a small amount of nicotine present. The presence of the nicotine, while it is taste- and odorless may deliver a buzz in tandem to whatever you are smoking.

Blunt wraps consisting of whole leaf tobacco also creates a slower burn rate than that of rolling papers. This means the smoking experience itself will be longer in duration. If you are in a rush, blunt wraps might not be solution.

What is the More Affordable Option?

Due to the nature of blunt wraps being derived from tobacco leaves, burns slower, and is often a lot larger of an area to get through than traditional rolling papers, it is reasonable to believe that rolling papers are the more affordable option.

Rolling papers are often sold as a booklet containing 50 sheets, giving you 50 opportunities to enjoy. Blunt wraps, such as our Sweet Leaf whole leaf tobacco wraps contains five wraps per resealable package and would most likely still be more expensive. But hey, that's not all bad, and here's why.

Sweet Leaf wraps, while only offering five whole leaf wraps is undoubtedly the better option. Sure, it is a more expensive item, but the experience you are getting is infinitely more enjoyable than rolling papers. 100% natural Pennsylvania tobacco leaves impart a bold-spicy sweetness. You are tasting a blend of earthy spices, leather, wood, and coffee beans - and this is just the wrap itself. The subtle hints of flavoring added complements the natural taste of the wrap, giving you an intense, multi-faceted experience that lasts longer and evolves as time goes on. What you are paying for is an experience.

Closing Thoughts

We don't mean to be biased here, but we think the writing is on the walls. Rolling papers are great if you are in a rush and want to get the herb into your body quickly. The experience itself, however, lacks on several aspects that makes that convenience moot. Blunt wraps, on the other hand, deliver a rich and robust experience that helps to elevate your smoking sesh. It delivers a longer lasting and flavorful experience. And we think, experience matters above all.

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