How to Roll the Perfect Blunt

How to Roll the Perfect Blunt

Now that we've got your attention and you've went and picked up one of our Sweet Leaf tobacco wraps from your local smoke shop, now what? What exactly needs to be done to roll a fat wood to enjoy your favorite herb out of? Well that's easy, you need to roll a blunt.

Whether you are using a machine or trying your luck rolling a fatty by hand, let this article serve as your guide. Let's get into it.


  • Your herb of choice - this can be cannabis, loose leaf tobacco, a combination of both - the world is your oyster, friends.
  • Sweet Leaf tobacco wraps
  • Packing stick - the backside of a pen works
  • Grinder - unless you opt to peasant pick, freshly ground up herb is the way to go
  • Rolling tray - we believe in a zero waste environment
  • Optional: Blunt filter - this can be a glass filter tip, or even a rolled up business card. At the end of the day, you want an open airflow to enjoy.
  • Optional: Rolling machine

It is worth noting that you only really need the first two materials to roll a beautiful baseball bat of a blunt. The other points on the list can definitely elevate the experience but are not required.


If you are going for a more professional-looking blunt that mimics the shape and size of a cigarillo, the rolling machine comes in handy. What you are sacrificing in terms of girth, you are making up for it in consistency and convenience knowing that you can very well crank out several blunts in a sitting. If this is your first time using a blunt rolling machine, sit back, relax, and read on to learn how you can roll one.

  1. Grind Your Herb. Remember, you are using a machine for this, so to guarantee the machine can roll your blunt into a uniform tube that mimics the shape and size of a cigarillo, you'd want to opt for a much finer consistency of your herb. If you don't have a grinder on hand, take your herb and mince it out as you would cutting vegetables.
  2. Fill the Roller Hammock. Take your freshly ground herb and fill the rolling machine reservoir.
  3. Close, Lock, & Rotate the Roller. Push the rolling bar forward and down to lock it.  Rotate the knob to begin the rolling process. Feed your blunt wrap into the top and continue to turn the roller.
  4. Lick & Stick. Before rolling all the blunt wrap into the machine, lick the remainder of the wrap then finish the roll. You'll need at least half an inch.
  5. Enjoy. Pop the blunt out of the machine, run it under an open flame from your lighter to ensure sealing, spark up and enjoy!


There's a particular ritualistic vibe that occurs when you choose to roll things by hand. Whether it's a joint, a cigarette, a spliff, or even a blunt, the human touch is what marries you to the art of rolling. We at Sweet Leaf believe in adding that human element. And sure, our blunts might vary in size, shape, and overall smokeability, but the feeling of working at it is what makes us happy. Here is our step-by-step guide on how you can join in on this ritual.

  1. Grind Your Herb. Prepare you herb of choice. Generally, grinding is the best approach but some might opt to break it up by hand as the natural air flow gives you a smoother smoke. The only drawback to packing hand-ground herb is a higher difficulty in rolling.
  2. Moisten the Tobacco Wrap. Moisten the inside of the wrap. This helps to loosen everything and makes it easier to work with. Lay it out flat in front of you with the sharper edge away from your dominant hand.
  3. Fill the Wrap with Your Herb. Apply a generous amount of herb onto the wrap. For a better likelihood of rolling a nicer blunt, be sure to use anywhere from 2 to 4 grams of herb. Curve the blunt wrap slightly with one hand to help the herb stay in the center.
  4. Roll. Grab the front and back sections of the wrap and move them up and down to shape the herb into a consistent shape. Tuck the front edge behind the tube of herb in the middle and roll upwards until the shape begins to form into a fully formed blunt. Stop just before the wrap is complete, leaving about half an inch.
  5. Seal. Lick the remainder of the wrap and seal the blunt. Get a lighter and run the flam lightly over the seal line.
  6. Enjoy. Congratulations, you just rolled your first blunt.


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